Upcoming Events
Specialized in construction and building Sector, which has launched hundreds of products into Libya. The event serves as a platform to facilitate partnerships, advance knowledge and industry best practices, and to boost local and international businesses into the market.
Is the first exhibition in Libya solely specialized in heating, refrigeration, air conditioning and heating solutions for building construction sector, LIBYA HVAC 2023 will provide a meeting platform for building professionals, engineers, contractors, and suppliers, to connect and to integrate...
The trend towards the use of renewable energies is the most important goal of sustainable development, which represents one of the important and necessary solutions to reduce the negative effects of climate change by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and...
The Faculty of Economics and Political Science / University of Tobruk announces the organization of the first scientific conference sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, entitled: Crises in Libya and their repercussions on the national economy...
Registration form for the Maritime Conference in Libya: Note: the time of the conference isn’t accurate, please contact us for more information.