The LPI says the workshop is a scientific and technical event to exchange experiences and get closely acquainted with the most important problems of oil and gas production. The workshop’s objectives will be:
50 LYD
The Libyan Society for Training, Consulting and Development announces a workshop on the skill of managing your thoughts. In fact, more than fifty thousand thoughts come to a person’s mind daily, and usually 70 or 80% of them are negative,...
A free workshop on digital transformation and artificial intelligence, presented by one of the largest digital transformation and systems software development companies in Egypt and the Middle East, AITB for Consulting and IT services (a leading company in the fields...
400 LYD
The AI wave is here – are we going to just stand by and let it pass by doing nothing? At Tibyan, we want to encourage Libyans to dive into AI wisely. So, we’re holding our first AI technical workshop:...