Artificial Intelligence Technical Workshop: Getting Started with Machine Learning ورشة عمل تقنية للذكاء الاصطناعي: الانطلاق في التعلم الآلي

400 LYD

The AI wave is here – are we going to just stand by and let it pass by doing nothing? At Tibyan, we want to encourage Libyans to dive into AI wisely.

So, we’re holding our first AI technical workshop: “Getting Started in Machine Learning” to be held from March 4-6, sponsored by Libyan Spider and PrestoEat, and hosted at the Edah Training Center.

We hope Libyan professionals can upgrade their skills by learning:
  • How to set up machine learning projects.
  • Deep learning basics.
  • Hands-on software experience on a simple machine learning project.

A certificate of attendance will be distributed to the participants who completed this workshop and did not miss any lesson. We will communicate with you and confirm your registration via e-mail (this registration is preliminary in the event that we do not contact you by e-mail, this means that the seats are full, and you will be notified of any new activity on the same e-mail, God willing).

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Event Details
Event Details