Libya Industries Fair معرض ليبيا للصناعات

In order to raise the economic and commercial level, and out of encouragement and publicization of local industries, and based on the success of the first edition, we set out to organize the second edition, as we all know the importance of exhibitions in revitalizing the commercial process in the local market, introducing the services provided by factories and companies, and promoting more of the products they provide. And to encourage local industries and support them by organizing such an event, which aims to link the local and international market directly under one roof. With the help of God, this event will be organized at the Misurata International Exhibition in the Ruwaisat Industrial Zone, where the total area of ​​the exhibition is 12,000 square meters, of which 5,000 square meters are covered with outdoor spaces. It covers an area of 7,000 square metres.


  • Introducing companies and factories inside and outside Libya.
  • Providing a suitable environment for communication between companies and making deals.
  • Raising the industrial and commercial level and defining its importance.
  • Establishing commercial relations between major companies and startups.
  • Assistance in consolidating means of communication between the local trade and international trade.
  • Moving the wheel of the local economy continuously to ensure an increase in the speed of economic development.
  • Work to increase and develop services related to industry and commerce at the local level, with the participation of the largest possible number of companies and factories. We aim in the future for the exhibition to be an international exhibition with major competition.

The target parties to participate:

  • Iron and steel factories and iron industries.
  • Commercial agencies.
  • Paper industries, printing and packaging.
  • Paint factories.
  • Renewable energy companies.
  • Industrial security and safety companies.
  • Petrochemical and insulator industries.
  • Food industries.
  • Plastic industries and pipes.
  • Doors, windows and furniture factories.
  • Factories and construction companies, building materials and marble.
  • Factories and companies of electrical materials and electrical energy materials.
  • Industrial oil companies.
  • Companies specialized in building industrial units.
  • Factories, production lines and packaging.
  • Workshop and factory equipment.
  • Transportation machinery and heavy machinery.
  • Agricultural equipment and water pumps.
  • Banks, insurance companies and shipping lines.
  • Communications and industrial information technology.
  • And all related factories and companies

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