Libya International Forum and Exhibition for Education and Training ملتقى ومعرض ليبيا الدولي للتعليم والتدريب

The largest gathering in Libya of educational institutions of all levels, training and consulting centers, human development, and advanced and distinguished languages. It prepares to shake hands with its visitors and introduce its activities to those interested and visitors from public and private institutions and individuals. At the Libya International Forum and Exhibition for Education and Training in its third edition. During the period from 5-7 March 2023, the Sports City, Tripoli. National participations that enjoy high and distinguished professionalism and work with high-performance cadres and competencies, as well as international participations of advanced institutions and centers that seek to exchange scientific benefits in the fields of education and training in Libya. This is an invitation to participate, to attend, and to benefit all those interested in the field of education and training. We have sent invitations and will send more to all those interested and institutions related to the educational process, training and administrative and institutional development.

To communicate with the Preparatory Committee, you can contact the following means:

Libya International Company: Tripoli – Ben Ashour – Mansheya Street. –

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