ARINAS CONFERENCE And exhibition مـــؤتـــمـــر ومـعـــرض أريـنــــــاس للــصــحــــة الـجـلـديــــة وجــراحــــــة التجــمــيــــل وطـــــــب الأســنـــــان الــتـــجـــمـيـــــلـي والـــــصـــيـــــدلـــــة

Through Arinas Conference and Exhibition, we aim to be the permanent platform for promoting the latest scientific and practical developments, by providing the appropriate medical environment for the exchange of experiences and information. Where this event was organized by a group of specialists to be the link between the most important and largest institutions that work in everything related to the medical and cosmetic aspect, and the most prominent doctors entered and outside Libya to achieve the highest standards of benefit among all and to create the beneficial international cooperation through which we seek the desired progress for the State of Libya.

Arinas Is the Ideal Event for All Specialists, Beneficiaries and Those Interested to Learn About Advanced Treatments and Interact Directly.

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📣. We are honored and pleased to announce the success partners 📣 For the Arenas conference and exhibition for dermatological and cosmetic health Those who answered the call and were on time … to be the first participants and welcome from the well-established leading companies and distinguished emerging companies specialized in this field Visit us at Arenas 🌟🌟 which brings together the elite of the elite:

  • Al-Ghalia Pharmaceutical Group Company - Arab Medicine Company.
  • Al-Afia Pharmaceutical Company Agent Cethaphil.
  • Optimum Therapy Company Agent Toskani.
  • Standard Inc. Agent Byphasses.
  • Al-Kun Medical Company is the agent of NOVASIN.
  • Company — Zad — Beauty.
  • Dermacure Company _ Esthemax agent.
  • Dar Al-Zohoor Company Soskin agent.
  • Andalusia Company.
  • Mediterranean Company.
  • Cleopatra Agent Pharmacy.
  • Company - East - New.
  • The I Care company.
  • Phenicia Corporation.
  • Al Waseet Medical Company.
  • Gibraltar Corporation.
  • Mediterranean Company.
  • Next generation company.
  • That Sawary Pharmacy Agent Sebamed.
  • Bamboo pharmacy from Benghazi.
  • Pharmacia pharmacy.

A few days separate us from the event.