Libya Exhibition for the export of horses and accessories معرض ليبيا لتصدير الخيل ومستلزماتها

This exhibition is a prestigious event, and an annual meeting place for visitors and exhibitors from breeders and owners of horse stables, companies manufacturing horse equipment and supplies, horse lovers including old and current Libyan grooms, riders and knights, local and international rulers and experts, and others interested in this exhibition. This event will also reflect to the world the wide and deep interest of many Libyans in horses, due to their cultural and historical attachment to the love of horse ownership and horsemanship.

Highlights of the exhibition:

  • Opening ceremonies.
  • Horse shows and accessories.
  • A beauty contest for purebred Arabian horses.
  • Public auction for the sale of purebred Arabian horses.
  • B2B business meetings
  • Visual presentations.
  • Closing ceremony.
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