The first Libyan conference for brain, neurosurgery and spine المؤتمر الليبي الأول لجراحي المخ والأعصاب والعمود الفقري

Within the framework of working to develop the health sector in Libya, especially in the field of brain, neurosurgery and spine surgery, and to enhance joint cooperation with several other parties in order to provide better advanced medical services and keep abreast of everything new in this field and under the slogan “#we meet today to build _ tomorrow, and with the honorary sponsorship of the Ministry of Health in the Government of National Unity.

The official sponsor of the conference is the Center for Emergency Medicine and Support, and with the organization and supervision of #Specifications_Hospital and with wide media coverage.

The conference will be accompanied by scientific lectures with a wide local participation of doctors from all over Libya and visiting doctors from abroad.

A medical exhibition will be held for sanatoriums and equipment, supplies and medicines companies in this field.

Supporting companies participating in the exhibition:

  • Health Accuracy Medical Equipment Company.
  • North African Medical Equipment Company.
  • New Technology Company for importing medicines, equipment and medical supplies.
  • Specialized Technology Company for Medical Equipment.
  • Kayan Medical Equipment Company.

Hospitals and sanatoriums participating in the accompanying exhibition:

  • Hebron Hospital.
  • Al-Hikma Hospital.
  • Capital Hospital.
  • Al Nahda Hospital.
  • Specifications Hospital.
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Event Details
Event Details