Mizdah International Short Film Festival under the slogan (Cinema is the Mirror of Peoples) مهرجان مزدة الدولي للأفلام القصيرة تحت شعار (السينما مرآة الشعوب)

Tripoli, February 12, 2023 AD (LANA) – Next March, the city of Ghadames will host the activities of the fifth session of the Mizdah International Short Film Festival, under the slogan (Cinema is the Mirror of Peoples), with Arab and international participation.

Sources of the organizing committee told the Libyan News Agency that the festival witnessed in its previous four sessions a wide Arab spread, which made the competition in the number of participants in this version increase in each session from various Arab countries.

The sources indicated that the festival management received more than (100) films to participate in the fifth round of short films for the current year 2023, and that the screening committee of the entries started watching the films that were received to choose the final list of the works nominated for competition, which will be announced after closing the door for participation on February 20. current.

The general director of the festival, the artist “Ramadan Al-Mazdawi,” said in a statement to (WAL) that this fifth session differs from all previous sessions in terms of the number of participants, the quality of films and their content, as well as in the number of committee members, which reached (15) members from different Arab countries. The festival, the arbitration committee, the viewing committee, the screening committee, and the media committee.

He explained that the festival management noticed the emergence of new names of young directors, writers and actors, who wish to participate, as well as craftsmanship in the film industry, and this is something that pleases our hearts and increases our determination to continue holding such festivals that would support new blood in the world of art and creativity, pointing to The viewing committee has so far received more than 95 films from various Arab countries and continues to accept more entries until the end of February 20, after which the jury will start announcing the works that have been nominated for the competition stage.

And about the conditions of the festival, Al-Mazdawi said in his statement to (Wal) that the film production period does not exceed two years and in a time that does not exceed 30 minutes, and each participant is allowed to present only one film, and it is not allowed to withdraw it if it is accepted in the final list, and the festival management has the right to keep The film is for a non-commercial purpose, and films are not accepted after the specified date.

The artist, “Ramadan Al-Mazdawi,” explained that the jury is composed of professors from different Arab countries and specialists in the field of cinema and filmmaking. Especially, with permission, this session will be in our beloved south, specifically in the city of Ghadames, history, civilization and beauty. Regarding the festival’s awards, Al-Mazdawi said that there are several categories set for the festival’s award, which are the screenplay award, the best actor award, the best actress award, and the directing award. The festival management and jury can add other awards it deems appropriate.

(Wall News Agency)

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