Libya International Pediatric Conference مؤتمر ليبيا الدولي لطب الأطفال

Tripoli Teaching Hospital for Pediatrics, based on its strategy:
  • In supporting the research movement and providing an incubator for researchers and specialists.
  • In implementing scientific activities aimed at developing the field of pediatrics in Libya.
  • In working to provide mechanisms to develop Libyan medical staff and raise their scientific and professional level.
  • In providing a suitable scientific and professional environment for integrating young doctors into the labor market.
  • In providing ways and mechanisms to inform medical staff about international scientific schools and the latest developments in the field of pediatrics.

Proceeding from the importance of scientific research, the Children’s Teaching Hospital, Tripoli, for Pediatrics, announces the establishment of the first conference of the Children’s Teaching Hospital, and in order to provide an environment to embrace the research movement aimed at developing the field of pediatrics and our support for valuable scientific activities that activate scientific research and encourage doctors, faculty members, researchers, and specialists in Medical institutions, universities and research centers to provide them with the opportunity to carry out more theoretical and applied studies and scientific research that contribute to the development of the field of pediatrics, which will reflect on the health security of our beloved society.

The largest annual gathering of pediatricians in Libya Attend the activities of the conference and learn about the latest developments in pediatrics in the world.

  • Scientific posts by visiting doctors and experts from different international scientific schools.
  • Scientific posts from Libyan scientific and professional figures.
  • Research posts in the scientific conference.
  • Workshops and training programs

Participating Advantages:

  • Obtaining a CME card with approved hours approved by the General Health Council.
  • Obtaining a certificate of scientific participation approved by the Scientific Committee.
  • Obtaining a USB for the scientific material and the conference bag.
  • Breakfast and lunch throughout the days of the conference.
  • Dinner party attendance card during the conference days.

For final registration and reservation confirmation

  • Contact 0915091869
  • Attending the office headquarters, The administrative building of Kargarash Stars Club / Gargarash. Next to the workers’ bridge (Daily from 9:00 to 03:00).
  • Documents required for registration: A copy of the identification card.
  • The Scientific Committee announces the opening of the door for participation in the scientific conference implemented within the activities of the first session from 15 to 18 May 2023 at the Corinthia Hotel.
  • Scientific posts, including a summary of the research paper and a summary of the CV, should be sent to, no later than April 15, 2023.
  • For more inquiries, call +218 91 6999069.
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