Speed racing championship 2023 بطولة أجرينا لسباق السرعة

  • The management of the Nana Club for Sports Cars and Motorcycles announces, after the championship has been legally approved, announces the date of the [SPEED RACING 2023] championship for the first time in the history of the Libyan state and mechanical sports.
  • On Friday 10-3-2023, the date of the ‘Speed ​​Race 2023 🏁’ championship, which is organized by the Nana Club for sports cars and motorcycles at the agricultural airport in the [Al-Mabni] area, east of Benghazi, with the participation of the official sponsor of the championship [Resala Company for Media Services and Production].
  • Stay tuned for the rest of the tournament details and how to participate through the official club Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/adeljoe43/?locale=ms_MY
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