Libya exhibition for household and electrical appliances معرض ليبيا للمستلزمات المنزلية والكهرومنزلية

One of the common rituals in our society, weeks before the holy month of Ramadan, in preparation and celebration of the holy month, which has increased in popularity over the past recent years. Shopping by renewing household and electrical supplies and everything that the Libyan kitchen needs, which contributes to renewing the gathering of the Ramadan table. Accordingly, Libya International Company has worked on preparing and organizing according to international standards for the Libya Exhibition for household and electrical supplies in its first session, which will be a marketing session in which direct sales are available to visitors, and this will be announced to all Advertising means.

Our Goals:
  • Save time factor for visitors through the confluence of all Businesses and businesses in one place.
  • Encouraging specialized companies and commercial establishments in household goods.
  • Learn about the latest electrical equipment and goods and home appliances.
  • Providing the consumer’s need according to his needs in preparation and to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan.

To register for the exhibition as a sponsor, please fill out the form from here

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