Libya Higher Education Forum A Vision for the Future منتدى ليبيا للتعليم العالي رؤية للمستقبل

We are delighted to invite you to join us in London for Libya Higher Education Forum 5-6 June 2014. This ‘first time ever’ event will be attended by a number of the most senior figures in Libya including Government Ministers and Deputy Ministers, academic Chancellors and Deans, leading scholars, and experts from Oil and Gas companies. There will be speeches from Libyan scholars within UK universities who have been recipients of HM The Queen’s awards.

From engaging keynote speakers from both sides (Libya and UK), panel discussions, one-to-one sessions, poster exhibition for Libyan PhD students and researchers, to interactive workshops where we will also hear first-hand accounts from Libyan professors and students who are currently working and studying in the UK, the forum provides a dynamic hub for UK education professionals to meet, discuss, inspire and form partnerships with decision makers and key leaders in Libyan education.

This event also offers a great opportunity for UK education providers, e.g., universities, English language schools, and vocational training centers to meet with decision makers from the Libyan Higher Education and Scientific Missions Department to facilitate the placement process for the 16,000 Libyan students who have been awarded Libyan Government sponsorships to pursue their higher education studies across different disciplines.

Why attend?

Our mission is to provide a platform to create innovative partnerships and lasting alliances between the academic communities of Libya and the UK. Our focus is to continue to bring together those committed to advancing the provision and excellence of education worldwide.

With commitment and endorsement from the policymakers of Libya and the UK based education leading figures, universities and training centers, we aim to open discussions, identify opportunities and support the Libyan higher education sector to achieve their 2020 plan of goals, while moving towards education excellence.

The main aims of forum:
  • Enabling the elite academic community of Libya to meet with their counterparts from the UK in order to discuss and develop the best models for partnerships at different levels, including training programmes, internships, the issuance of joint qualifications, co-supervision of PhD students, and student exchange.
  • Enhancing the relationship between the Libyan Cultural Attaché and the UK higher education providers.
  • Facilitating the placement of the 16,000 Libyan students who have been awarded Libyan Government sponsorships to pursue their higher education studies in the UK.
  • Developing agreements with research and training centres and universities in the UK for the training of Libyan doctors, dentists, pharmacists and medical laboratory technicians.
  • Developing agreements with Training and Development centres in the UK for the training of Libyan engineers and technicians in various fields.
  • Developing agreements with English language schools and colleges in the UK to establish English language teaching and training centres in Libya to mimic those UK accredited centres, where English language tutors from Libya and the UK can work on collaboration to provide high quality teaching to Libyan students who wish to further their education in the UK.
  • Developing agreements with English and Arabic language departments in the UK to exchange students through the provision of places in Libyan Universities for last year UK Arabic language students as well as provision of places in the UK universities for last year Libyan students of English language.
  • Providing the opportunity to the Libyan PhD students and researchers in the UK to introduce their work through the use of posters in order to reflect their research achievements and to find out the best ways to develop and invest their research outcomes in Libya as well.
  • Expanding the number of UK English Language schools which we are dealing with and who meet the requirements set by the Libyan Cultural Attaché for good quality teaching and training, to accommodate the needs of the increasing number of Libyan sponsored students.
  • Exploring new proposals of foundation programms, master′s and PhD′s offered by UK universities and colleges.
  • Meeting up with the points of contact at the UK universities and colleges to discuss and resolve academic issues faced by the Libyan students during their studies, and to agree on agenda for collaborative work between universities/colleges and the Libyan Cultural Attaché.

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