Al-Saharia Gallery معرض السحاريــــة

Al-Sahariya Gallery is a photographic exhibition and entry ticket that takes you on an artistic heritage journey throughout Libya, from the far east to the far west and the depths of the south, with charming stations with their traditional costumes from every city and for every occasion, and a unique composition complete with artistic images and perpetuating its history.

From the Suhariya Fund specifically, we took the name, and chose it as the title for an exhibition in which we document our legacy from the ancestors, lift the veil of extinction from it, and weave the Libyan spirit with it, with pride and pride. We share the aesthetics of our diverse traditional dress with its authentic look and from the heart of its homeland.

Exhibition Kassem Tantoush and Faisal Qunaba. We are waiting for you and your families and friends who love traditional treasures and heritage!
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Event Details