Libya Reconstruction Exhibition 2023 معرض ليبيا للإعمار

The great development taking place in the field of building and construction and the accompanying digital transformation, whether in designs or even in the manufacture of materials used in this field, made those interested always search for everything new and everything innovative, and from this standpoint, Al-Meddah Company put the Libya Exhibition for Construction in the map of the exhibitions that the company implements To provide a space for companies and factories specialized in construction to display the latest developments and modern technologies taking place, and to open a space for participating companies to communicate and conclude more deals that will increase job opportunities and development.

Exhibition Goals:

  • Introducing companies and factories inside and outside Libya.
  • Providing a suitable environment for communication between companies and concluding deals.
  • Raising the industrial and commercial level and defining its importance.
  • Establishing commercial relations between major companies and emerging companies.
  • Assistance in consolidating the means of communication between the House of Local Trade and International Trade.
  • Continuously moving the wheel of the local economy to ensure an increase in the speed of economic development.
  • Work to increase and develop services related to the world of engines and cars at the local level.
  • With the participation of the largest possible number of companies and factories, we aim in the future for the exhibition to be an international exhibition that competes with major international exhibitions of the same field.

How do I participate in the exhibition?

For registration, you can communicate directly through the numbers below, or by filling out the form attached to this file, whether you send it via e-mail or come directly to the exhibition headquarters at the address below the file, and to confirm the reservation, pay the subscription fee in the exhibition management.

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