Scientific Conference: Media Education / Reality and Future Prospects المؤتمر العلمي : التربية الإعلامية / الواقع وآفاق المستقبل

Talking about the role of the media in influencing the behavior, attitudes, attitudes, and values of individuals in our time no longer needs more evidence and evidence, as much as it needs to do more research, scrutiny, and continuous scientific investigation on how to create societal and individual awareness of the best ways to benefit from this role and employ it to serve Achieving educational goals and preserving the self-cultural identity and civilizational specificity of the individual and society as a whole, in addition to the importance of creating a recipient who is sufficiently aware of the essence of media works and contents and is able to interpret and analyze them and then judge their value and degree of truthfulness and suitability for him and distinguish between good and false misleading ones. This may only be achieved by laying the foundations for dealing with the media messages that the public is exposed to, and then developing the critical thinking skills of this audience towards the media contents in order to enable it to choose well what it is exposed to from the flood and information explosion, especially that flowing through the new media (the means of communication). Social) and good use of these means and benefit from them. Media education is the best way to provide, inculcate and develop knowledge, skills and behaviors that promote the growth of critical awareness among media users of both traditional and new types, especially among young people who are the first consumers of media services and the most popular and use of social networking sites. He has a personality of sound construction, formation and thought, and thus achieving a healthy society whose safety derives from the safety of its members, their values, their identity, morals, ideas, attitudes and knowledge. Based on this understanding, the Libyan Academy for Postgraduate Studies – Derna Branch intends to hold a scientific conference titled “Media Education… Reality and Future Prospects” to be a modest contribution to resolving and addressing many of the social, cultural, psychological, political and economic problems that are rampant in our society today and resulting from media illiteracy or Technological for some, or as a result of excessive absorption and intense interaction with the various media content presented.

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