The Seventh Libyan International Conference for Medical, Applied and Human Sciences المؤتمر الدولي الليبي السابع للعلوم الطبية والتطبيقية والانسانية

The Center for Scientific Research and International Cooperation at the National University of Tripoli intends to hold the “Seventh Libyan International Conference for Medical, Applied and Human Sciences”, by God’s will, on Saturday corresponding to 03-06-2023 AD, and we hope that you will kindly participate through the conference registration link, taking into account the following: Attendance and participation in the conference is free of charge. You can participate in the conference by sending the research abstract and publishing it in the university’s refereed journal (for free). In the event that the participant wishes to publish his entire research paper in Al-Qalam magazine, this will be in exchange for a publishing fee of 300 Libyan dinars. A certificate of participation will be given to those who will present the paper only in the designated session. All abstracts and research will be evaluated by the scientific committee in charge. The university is not obligated to provide accommodation and transportation.

Conditions for sending the extract. The abstract must contain: (Title – Name of the author/authors and their affiliated institutions – Email of the main author – Introduction and objectives of the research – Study methodology – Results of the study – Conclusions – Keywords), and the name of the main author must be highlighted by using an asterisk * above his name Taking into account that the number of words of the abstract is not less than 350 words and not more than 500 words.

The deadline for accepting research or abstracts (according to the participant’s desire) is 04-30-2023 AD.

Information about the university’s pen magazine is available via the following link:

Information about previous sessions of the conference via the following link:…/Alqalam/issue/archive

Information about the National University of Tripoli via the following link:

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