Celebration of the launch of the “Tarqi” organization for those who have studied and are still studying in the Republic of Egypt احتفالية اشهار منظمة (ترقّي) لمن درسوا ويدرسون بجمهورية مصر

Tripoli, February 10, 2023 AD (LANA) – The Faqih Hassan House of Culture in the old city of Tripoli will witness tomorrow, Saturday, the 11th of this February, the ceremony of inauguration of the “Tarqi” civil organization, which was organized and voluntarily works in it by a number of those who studied and are studying in the sister country of Egypt, and it was established in pursuit of them In order to develop the relationship of the two peoples. Dr. Mahmoud Muftah Shteiwi, one of the activists in this organization, said in a statement distributed to a number of his colleagues who studied in Egyptian universities and are still studying there: (The organization seeks to embody this authentic relationship since the beginning of history between Libya and Egypt, in civil projects in all fields. Which will be a translation of the fruitful convergence and support for the educational and health professions and the economic, agricultural, commercial and industrial fields). Dr. Shteiwi invited the organization to (brothers and sisters who studied in Egypt to join it and contribute to its various activities, each according to his scientific and practical field. The organization also calls on institutions and people to sponsor its programs and activities by providing material and logistical capabilities so that the organization can achieve its goals).

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