Sixth International Conference on Science and Technology المؤتمر الدولي السادس للعلوم والتكنولوجيا

Modern European civilization arose on the basis of the scientific method framed by philosophers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. They established a knowledge based on experience and proof, which was embraced by applied sciences, especially in mathematics and physics. Then the new scientific vision prevailed in the fields of knowledge branches in the fields of applied sciences in their various disciplines and branches.

The field of human sciences has not remained isolated from these achievements since philosophers contributed to the production of its knowledge foundations, so sociology adopted the same approach to contribute to the scientific renaissance in its human aspect, since the human mind is the true producer of this knowledge, and it is its guarantor and its impetus towards progress.

Recent scientific successes were reflected in the field of industry and technology, so technological progress became synonymous with scientific progress. Technology is a product of science on the one hand, and it is the primary contributor to its service on the other hand.

On the other hand, the progress of nations is measured by the extent of their interest in scientific research, and the achievement of its positive results that serve society and confirm its role in building human knowledge.

The conference will discuss the problem of the relationship between scientific production and technology, and societal development, which is represented in the existence of a set of challenges, which the participants in the conference will contribute to revealing, studying and finding effective solutions to them, in the service of man, society and the environment.

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Event Details
  • Provide an opportunity for researchers and those interested to meet, dialogue and exchange knowledge, expertise and experiences in various scientific fields and related research issues.
  • Enhancing the role of scientific research in serving the community and finding solutions to its problems and meeting its needs.
  • Evaluating the problems facing different sectors, and proposing appropriate scientific solutions to them, by benefiting from the results of scientific research, and making them available to researchers, scholars, and executive authorities in the country.
Event Details