Technology Forum: Introduction to the Security Operation Center منتدى التقنية: مقدمة عن مركز عمليات أمن المعلومات

Chief Spokesperson/ M. Mazen Al-Taher.

  • Bachelor of Information Technology – Networks – College of Computer Technology, Tripoli.
  • Specialist in information security and network protection.
  • Head of the Network and Infrastructure Protection Department at the National Authority for Information Security and Safety.
Session topic:

An information security operations center (SOC) is a central unit within an organization responsible for monitoring and defending against cybersecurity threats, and typically includes a variety of components, such as an information and event management system (SIEM), threat intelligence feeds, incident response plans, and operations policies and procedures the wish.

The primary goal of SOC is to detect and respond to security threats in real time, and when it detects an incident, SOC is responsible for rapid response to contain the threat and mitigate any damage.

Setting up and running an Information Security Operations Center can be a challenge, especially for smaller organizations with limited resources. It requires continuous improvement by refining processes, implementing new tools and technologies, and training employees to ensure that the Operations Operations Center is always ready to defend against new and emerging threats.

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