Free workshop to teach Diwani calligraphy ورشة عمل مجانية لتعليم الخط الديواني


The Diwani font has its aesthetics, which it derives from its round and overlapping letters. The Diwani font is suitable for most writings.

He is flexible in writing, which makes it easier for calligraphers to write. This workshop targets those who have a desire to learn Diwani calligraphy.

In the workshop we will cover:
  • The right way to hold a pen.
  • writing letters.
  • writing sentences.
  • The way to connect and stop.
  • Diwani drawing.
  • Skill recruitment.
You can register for this workshop by filling out the registration form or by calling the company’s reception department or by texting our phone numbers or by direct contact on the page’s mail.
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  • After registration, we will contact you before the workshop time to confirm attendance.
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