Libya International Forum for the Quality of Medical Education منتدى ليبيا الدولي لجودة التعليم الطبي

The health sector in Libya faces many challenges that hinder it from carrying out its role entrusted to it in achieving national health security, leading to sustainable development, and since the human being is the essence, tool and goal of development, and from this standpoint the General Health Council has to give itself a special priority to contribute In creating a culture and a scientific and professional environment that conforms to the highest international quality standards approved for the development of national health cadres in particular and the health sector in general, and here is the Council, in partnership with the relevant institutions, inaugurating the Libya International Forum for Quality Medical Education as a distinguished and renewed international scientific and professional event, rooting To consolidate an advanced and modern scientific methodology and establish a national research, scientific, educational and professional policy in partnership with specialized national and international institutions, based on practical and scientific programs and adopting modern and advanced methods, applicable in the local work environment, while benefiting from regional experiences And international, and aims to organize, develop and activate education and training in the health field at its various levels and at all stages, and seeks to find qualified and trained national cadres and launch scientific, professional and community initiatives and activities. The invitation is open to all parties, institutions, individuals and Universities and colleges concerned with scientific and technical participation and sponsorship of events, activities and exhibitions of this forum.

To participate, we hope to contact the following number: 0916999069 or email us on:
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