Libyan Product & Market Expo معرض المنتج والسوق الليبي

The Libyan Product and Market Exhibition is an initiative launched by the OutBox team for economic consulting, through which it seeks to introduce the Libyan product and create competition in the quality of products and market them with the latest systems to become the preferred option locally and regionally, in cooperation with a group of partners in the public and private sectors.
Libya is considered one of the countries that possess distinct geographical elements in the vicinity of the Mediterranean Sea, which provides it with opportunities for trade, investment and industry, given that it is surrounded by a number of consumer countries with a dense population, and in another context, Libya is witnessing an increasing growth in the activity of the private sector, especially with the beginning of the year 2018 towards production, export and the search for new markets.
Hence, the idea of establishing the first Libyan product and market exhibition is a real opportunity and an ideal platform to promote business in the field of Libyan national production and related sectors. The exhibition also provides opportunities to learn about the latest technologies, products and services in the various targeted sectors, as well as to meet with potential partners and local, regional and international experts. We look forward to the optimal use of our resources, and the transition to real production

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