Libya Clean Expo معرض ليبيا كلين للبيئة وخدمات النظافة

The Bright Palm Company invites you to participate in the most prominent event of the year 2023, the Libya Clean Exhibition for Environment and Cleaning Services, which witnesses a wide participation of Libyan and foreign companies and factories, which will be held at the Tripoli Dudley Exhibition during the period 02-05 October 2023.

This event aims to:

  • Introducing the Libyan product inside and outside.
  • Enhancing the quality, prestige and competitiveness of Libyan products.
  • Localization of the foreign products industry inside Libya.
  • Increasing the growth of transit trade exchanges through Libya.
  • Benefit from modern technologies to raise the quality of products.
For more inquiries, we are pleased to communicate via: +218 92 320 23 58 / +218 91 604 66 00 / Email:

For more information, please check our catalog file.

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