Online workshop on Digital Transformation in the Public Sector in Libya ورشة عمل عبر الإنترنت حول التحول الرقمي في القطاع العام في ليبيا


The Hamzat Wasl Center invites you to participate in an online workshop on “Digital Transformation in the Public Sector in Libya” in partnership with Namaa for Development and Culture and Future Islands. This workshop comes to learn about the challenges that Libya faces in relation to this topic and how to find the right solutions and the stakeholders interested in the transformation. For the public sectors in Libya, especially the municipalities, this event will be an opportunity for all interested parties to exchange and discuss their experiences about challenges and job opportunities in the digital transformation of the public sector. Guests are the actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem Entrepreneurs, public, private and civil society actors in the entrepreneurial and economic ecosystem.

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Event Details
  1. Presentation of the current state of digital transformation in Libya.
  2. An opportunity for entrepreneurs to talk about their experiences.
  3. Networking and exploring possible collaborations.
Event Details